The Long Road to 53: Curtis Brown


Since being the 95th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Steelers cornerback Curtis Brown has not developed into an every down player to this point. Instead, the third year defensive back from Texas has been a contributor for the special teams squad to this point.

At Texas, Brown played in 52 games, starting 27 of them at cornerback and recorded 108 tackles (82 solos), with two interceptions. Since being drafted, Brown has been a main contribution to special teams. Playing 26 games of his 32 game career there.

Brown has not became what the Steelers were hoping as of yet. Cortez Allen passed Brown on the depth chart and now has become the starting cornerback now that Keenan Lewis departed to the Saints. The Steelers then signed William Gay who previously played for the Steelers but left for a season to play with the Arizona Cardinals. Brown was placed behind Gay as he stepped back into his old spot as the nickel back on the depth chart.

After a showing at Friday night’s practice that was not Brown’s best, Brown will need to bounce back. It may just be now or never for Brown to show what he has as Cortez Allen underwent knee surgery and will be out for a couple of weeks. Brown now needs to impress with the extra reps that he will be getting as it may be the final shot he has to show coach Tomlin.

“I have to show them I am capable and I feel like I am doing that,” said Brown in a interview with “I am getting the reps with the ones, twos and threes and want to show them I am ready for the next step and can do the job.”

With other injuries in the secondary including Demarcus Van Dyke and rookie Terry Hawthorne, the Steelers could really use Brown to come into his own.

“I need to just keep learning and paying attention to the playbook and getting comfortable. I am feeling comfortable at the moment. I am getting a lot of reps due to injuries. I feel better about this season. I feel more comfortable. I feel like I have an opportunity to show I can play this position.”


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