Emmanuel Sanders Continues to Shine at Camp


Steeler Nation , the Steelers are heading into their third practice and there has been one player that continues to shine . That player is  Emmanuel Sanders. Sanders has had a great camp,showing not only good hands and route running, but he has showcased  the speed to go deep on a consistent basis.

Sanders definitely seems up to the task of taking on Mike Wallace’s old role with the Steelers and more. So what’s the reasoning behind this sudden emergence in his play?

Sanders spoke to Jim Wexell of SteelCityInsider recently and had this to say…

Sanders :“In the past two years I’ve had two foot surgeries and I had a torn knee,” he said. “That’s all lower body. And for the first time I’m actually healthy. Have I gained some speed? Could that be the reason why? Potentially. When a guy has two foot surgeries, he can’t run. A guy has knee surgery, he can’t run. So this off-season I had a full off-season of working hard. I got to do whatever I want: squat, run as much as I wanted to. And it feels good.”


Sanders: “I think I’ve been fast,” said Sanders. “I just think I’ve been playing in the slot, so a lot of people really don’t understand how fast I am. The slot is more of a controlled position. Outside is more of a speed position.”

Emmanuel Sanders is heading into his fourth season with the Steelers and his first as a starter. During the off-season the New England Patriots made Sanders an offer that the Steelers promptly matched with a one-year, $2.5 million . Its looking like a wise move so far.

Sanders looks to be seizing the moment and rising up to the occasion . The Next question will be do the Steelers sign Sanders to a contract  extension or let him go into free agency in 2014? Time will soon tell that answer but for now the emergence of  Emmanuel Sanders bodes well for the 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers.

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