Steelers First Day of School Starts Monday

practice squad

Steeler Nation , tomorrow will be the Steelers third practice and first with pads. Football in shorts will be no more for at least a day. Tomorrow Coach Tomlin and his staff will get to see what these players are made of in football situations

Tomlin is definitely looking forward to Mondays practice . Here are some quotes from from Tomlin on the subject…

Tomlin: “I liked the energy. We look forward to tomorrow getting the opportunity to carry our pads and take away the football in shorts element of what is going on here. I liked the energy and the enthusiasm of the group.”


Tomlin:“It’s like the first day of school,” said Tomlin. “It really is. Checking in here and getting on the grass is one thing, but football is a game that is played in pads. (Monday) is the first day of school.”

So Steeler Nation, get ready because school starts tomorrow ,as Tomlin said at the beginning of camp time to see who rises up or who shrinks.! Here We Go!

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