Steelers Building the Foundation in Latrobe


As the last hot sunny days of July simmer into August ,it can only mean one thing for Steeler fans. The start of training camp at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe Pa is upon us. This is the place where it all starts . The foundation of many Super Bowl teams have been built here over the years.

The Steelers 2013 training camp begins July 26th.

The Steelers players and coaches will stay at Latrobe together just about 3 weeks. They will live together in a campus like setting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life ,with little else but football to worry about.

 Training camp is a place for the team and coaches to gel ,get to know one another and build camaraderie as a team. Helping to establish a mindset of we and us , developing an us against the world mentality .

 Training camp is also a time veteran players may find out that they don’t have what they had in the past and maybe the tank is closer to empty then anyone realized. No one can live on their past . The team that left that field in game 16 of the 2012 season  is in the rear view mirror. This 2013 team is a new team and has already changed drastically .

 During these weeks of camp many things will come to light about the character and makeup of this year’s Steeler team . They will be tested mentally and physically , only the strong will survive. 90 players start camp but only 53 will make the regular season roster.

 Unknowns will suddenly become known. You can almost always count on that one player that no one really counted on, emerging as one of the bright spots of camp. Who will be the next Maurkice Pouncey, Willie Parker or James Harrison?

 Injuries can be one player’s enemy and another player’s opportunity. The window of opportunity is much smaller for many players due to many of the CBA stipulations . Coaches and players alike will have to make many adjustments and face adversity often during camp.

 Coach Mike Tomlin and his staff have handled adversity at camp before with Ben’s suspension . Mike Tomlin has shown that he and his staff not only deal with adversity but excel in the face of it .

 The Steelers like many teams heading into camp have a lot of questions to be answered . Who will be the starting running back? Who will step up and provide the much needed depth at many positions?

Will the young offensive line come together as a unit? Who will take over at the outside linebacker spot now that James Harrison is gone?  Will the offense thrive this year with Haley and Roethlisberger  on the same page? Will the wide receivers be able to produce without Mike Wallace ?Will Heath Miller be able to make the season opener?

All of these questions and more will need answered. It all  begins at camp.

 So Steeler Nation its time once again for Steeler Training camp and the foundation will soon be set! Will it be strong enough for another Super Bowl team? Only time will tell.


  If you have never visited Steeler Training Camp at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe Pa. I highly recommend you do. Its Saint Vincent’s 48th year hosting camp with the Steelers. The first practice open to the public is July 27th and the last is August 17th.

 The atmosphere is great ,the campus is beautiful, and not many other places will you get a better chance to get this close to the action or interact with the Steelers . Its a great experience for the whole family.

 There is plenty for the kids to do at the Steelers Experience and the Saint Vincent staff does a wonderful job. There is no cost for entrance or parking . Plenty of Snack stands to buy snacks and a Steeler merchandise tent. You can find more info at this link  Steelers Training Camp.

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