Lawrence Timmons Primed To Make A Major Impact In 2013


Steeler Nation, Lawrence Timmons has to  be a key impact player this season for the Pittsburgh Steelers. One could make the argument that Lawrence Timmons was the best and most consistent player on the Steelers defense in 2012. His big play ability shined in 2012 more than any other Steeler defender.

Timmons had three interceptions , two  forced fumbles and 6 sacks and a total of 106 tackles . Lawrence Timmons set up a game winning field goal against Kansas City with one interception  and took another for a touchdown against the Cleveland Browns  Timmons didn’t make the Pro Bowl as a starter but was named as an alternate .

Timmons was drafted 15th overall in the first round of the 2007 NFL draft and has steadily  became a cornerstone of the Steelers top ranked defense . He has the physical skills to play the run and the speed to cover the NFL’s top tight-ends in the passing game.

Timmons ,now 27 is heading into his 7th season and the prime of his career. Timmons is now looked up to as a veteran leader by younger Steeler players. In a recent report  on  by Ralph N. Paulk  Steeler outside linebacker Jason Worilds  had this to say about Timmons…

Jason Worilds : “It’s a testament to Lawrence’s character. It’s the type of person he is that he’s a selfless guy,”

“He always puts the team first. He’s always the one with his helmet on first and the last to leave the practice field.

“He leads by example, and it resonates with a lot of people. He’s always running toward the ball. He’s always trying to strip the ball. It speaks volume when you see that on film.”


It has been reported that coaches are going to give Timmons even more freedom and a bigger role in all aspects of the Steelers defense in 2013. Here are some Timmons quotes from ….

 Lawrence Timmons: “I look at myself as a game-changer, and I try to make that a facet of my game,” Timmons said. “I look forward to those opportunities, because I want to live up to those expectations.”

“( Coach LeBeau) puts me in positions to maximize my opportunities to make plays,” “I have to assert myself in a certain way. I don’t feel as if I have to force anything. I just have to play my game.”


 Lawrence Timmons:“This is a team that’s only as good as our defense. So there’s lot being put on our shoulders to make it easier for our offense. We want to be the No. 1 defense and cause more turnovers.”

“We can get back to the playoffs if we continue to play well defensively, and that’s what really matters. ”

“We’ve got all the parts of the defense to make it a great one,” Timmons added. “I know we’re going to be just fine.”

Steeler Nation , it sounds like the Steelers will be leaning heavily on the play-making and leadership abilities of linebacker Lawrence Timmons and this could very well be the season Timmons goes from being a good linebacker to a great one . It certainly sounds like Timmons is ready for the challenge . The success of the 2013 Steelers may depend upon it.



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