Steelers President Art Rooney II Weighs In On Draft, Off-season Changes and More


Steeler Nation ,the off-season news seems to be at a stand still ,as we eagerly  await for training camp to kick into full swing . Today  Bob Labriola \ Steelers Digest   has released an interview with Steelers President Art Rooney II. In the interview Rooney talks about a number of subjects one being the possibility of the draft moving from New York  Radio City Music Hall to different NFL cities yearly. Rooney had this to say about the subject…

“Sure, I’d like to see the draft move around (to other cities), and I would love to see it come to Pittsburgh some time,” said Rooney. “It’s a great event and attracts tremendous fan interest. It would be a fun event for Pittsburgh to host, and I think our city could do a great job with it.”

Rooney also spoke on how the 2014 off-season will be different since the league has moved the draft back a couple weeks …

“I’m happy we didn’t move (the draft) back any further than we did,” said Rooney. “There was some chance it was going to get moved back one more week in May, but they only moved it two weeks. To me, I think we can live with that. One or two weeks is not going to make that much of a difference, but once you get beyond that it does start to affect the football side of things and really how much time you have with the rookies, in terms of getting them in and starting to work with them. That has to be considered, and I think it will be. Next year it will be a little bit of a trial run, and we’ll see how it goes.”

Rooney discussed training camp locations and the Steelers Saint Vincent College site in the wake of many teams stopping the tradition of off location training camps…

“Saint Vincent College is a great set-up for us. It’s a great set-up for our fans,” said Rooney. “Our fans enjoy coming up there and getting a chance to get a little closer to the players. It’s free and I know our fans, a lot of them, comment about how much they appreciate being able to come up and spend a day, an inexpensive way to spend a day, and get closer to the team. It’s been a great set-up for us. Taking the team away for a few weeks and having a little bit of a camp-like atmosphere does build some bonds I believe can be helpful. Certainly, our success since we’ve been training at Saint Vincent College has been pretty darn good, so I don’t see much reason to change it.”

Rooney gave his thoughts on the  Steelers 2013 Off-season so far…

“I think it has been (successful). I like where we are. We’ve had tremendous participation in our off-season programs, and that pays dividends as time goes on. I think the team is in good shape. Guys have worked hard, so I do think it’s been a successful off-season. . As Coach Tomlin said, we’ve laid a foundation for going into training camp, which hopefully will serve us well.”

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