Steelers Break For Summer Vacation


The Pittsburgh Steelers may now start their summer vacation. Head coach Mike Tomlin canceled the final day of mandatory minicamp on Thursday. Players will have their last six weeks of freedom before they report back to the team on July 26 for training camp in Latrobe.

The Steelers have just went through a four week offseason program (3 weeks not mandatory) to help their development. A chance for more reps to the players that won’t see as many when camp rolls around. This period was nothing more than that. There is no one sticking out and playing good due to the fact that it is just football in shorts right now. Coach Tomlin is quick to remind us of this.

“We could trick ourselves into believing something that would be untrue,” said Tomlin. “Football is a game that’s played in pads, so I’m not going to rush to judge or search for things to grasp onto at this time of year. They come here, they work hard and they’re legitimately humble. They’re taking the information being given to them from coaches and guys that have been a part of this thing. That’s a great place to begin.”


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