Steel Links Of The Day 5/30/13


The Steel Links Of The Day is a post that we will release every day to give Steelers’ fans the latest Steelers news daily. Click any of the stories below and they will take you to the story, video, or audio. Another reason to keep checking back into STEELERS N STUFF a few times a day. Please spread the word and follow us on Twitter  or Facebook for more updates! Continue reading Steel Links Of The Day 5/30/13

OTA Week Two Recap

The second week of organized team activities are now in the books for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the second week of practice, we did get some news from about everywhere on the football team. As coach Tomlin calls it, football in shorts, so there is no one really popping out as of yet. That will come when the pads are put on. However, there is some news to pass on and below you will see what took place this week. Continue reading OTA Week Two Recap

Steelers Punting Must Improve

Steeler Nation, it seems like forever since the Steelers have had an above average punter. Whether its the hard luck story of former often injured punter Daniel Sepulveda, or the hold your breath and hope for the best season of Paul Ernster and Mitch Berger. The Steelers have not had much luck finding an above average punter that can be a difference maker on special teams.

In the last 5 seasons the Steelers punting game has finished no higher than 17th in the league. (18th 2012) (28th 2011) ( 17th 2010) (22nd 2009) (19th 2008) Continue reading Steelers Punting Must Improve

Ben Roethlisberger: “Heath Will Come Back Stronger and Better Than Ever”

When you need an update on Steelers’ tight end Heath Miller, ask quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The starting quarterback was on Vinnie and Cook 93.7 the Fan today when the final practice of the week was completed. Roethlisberger has been talking about the progress of Heath Miller over the past several weeks, but gave some more news today that put a smile on the whole team’s face. Continue reading Ben Roethlisberger: “Heath Will Come Back Stronger and Better Than Ever”

Keisiel Believes 7th Lombardi is Within Reach

On Tuesday, Mike Prisuta of DVE Radio, caught up with the man with the beard on Suday’s, Brett Keisel. Keisel is entering his 12th season with the black and gold after being drafted in 2002 in the 7th round.

In the interview, Keisel talks about the absence of guys like James Harrison and Casey Hampton this year, and how they will be missed. However, guys like Jason Worilds and Steve McLendon will need to step up in their place. Keisel has been mentoring the young guys like rookie defensive end Nick Williams with forgetting everything they have learned about a 4-3 defense, and to start picking up the traits of a 3-4 lineman. Continue reading Keisiel Believes 7th Lombardi is Within Reach

DeCastro Familiar With Zone Blocking Scheme

The Piitsburgh Steelers will be switching to the zone blocking scheme in 2013 with new offensive line coach Jack Bicknell Jr. Bicknell is coming over from a Kansas City Chiefs team that averaged 4.8 yards a carry and ranked 5th in rushing in 2012.

Second year guard David DeCastro says the switch is a smooth transition because he ran this scheme during his collegiate days at Stanford. “We did it at Stanford, and we were a big gap team like the Steelers are,” DeCastro said. “We’ve got the guys to do it. It just takes practice like anything else. We’ll be good.” DeCastro tells Alan Robinson of Trib Live. Continue reading DeCastro Familiar With Zone Blocking Scheme