Worilds: I’m Not James Harrison

Steelers starting outside linebacker Jason Worilds has some big shoes to fill in 2013, or maybe not. Worilds, entering his fourth season in the league out of Virginia Tech, will be stepping into a starting role that was held onto by James Harrison, (a defensive MVP and Super Bowl hero in 2008) for six years.

Worilds knows there is a long list of great pass rushers and linebackers in this organization. For decades the Steelers have had All-Pro linebackers, and once one goes down, the next is ready to start his legacy.

“It’s just the Steelers way,” Worilds said to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “One outside linebacker leaves, another comes in.”

Worilds wants everyone to know he is not James Harrison though. Rightfully so. It would be impossible to replace what Harrison was to the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. However, Worilds says he is going to be the best football player that he can be in 2013, and whatever happens, it happens.

“I come out here and put my best foot forward and let the decision-makers make the decisions,” Worilds said. “I’m not James Harrison. When Jason Worilds steps on the field, anyone who expects James Harrison is fooling themselves.”

Worilds is in his last year of his rookie contract, with an eager Jarvis Jones who is going to want playing time down the road. If this is Worilds’ only season as a starter on the team, he is going to show teams this season that he is capable of being a starting linebacker. To summarize this for Worilds and for the readers, Jason Worilds feels he has no shoes to fill except his own.

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