Keisiel Believes 7th Lombardi is Within Reach

On Tuesday, Mike Prisuta of DVE Radio, caught up with the man with the beard on Suday’s, Brett Keisel. Keisel is entering his 12th season with the black and gold after being drafted in 2002 in the 7th round.

In the interview, Keisel talks about the absence of guys like James Harrison and Casey Hampton this year, and how they will be missed. However, guys like Jason Worilds and Steve McLendon will need to step up in their place. Keisel has been mentoring the young guys like rookie defensive end Nick Williams with forgetting everything they have learned about a 4-3 defense, and to start picking up the traits of a 3-4 lineman.

The thing that caught my ear during the interview with Prisuta, Keisel said that he believes a 7th Super Bowl is within reach.

“I really feel like if we put in the work, and we are all on the same page in the locker room and are all out there on Sundays playing as one that we can be very tough,” said Keisel. “It’s just a feeling I have. I feel like 7th heaven is within reach.”

Since becoming a starter in 2006, Keisel has become one of the leaders on a defense that has been ranked number one several times in that time frame. At 34 years of age, Keisel is hoping the young guys can step up and get to another Super Bowl before he and the beard walk away from the game.

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