Sean Spence Says He Can Run and Plans on Playing This Season

Week by week it seems we have been getting updated news about linebacker Sean Spence. Every time, it seems it could be good or bad. The two most mentioned are when linebackers coach Keith Butler made the comments, “It will be miraculous if he comes back next year. We are going to take a chance on him and see if he can come back. To me, he is worth every bit of that.”

During rookie minicamp, coach Mike Tomlin disputed those comments that Butler made and said he expects a full recovery by his inside linebacker.

From then, everyone has weighed in. Players, media, and fans have all gave their input on the progress of Spence. Today, news was released that Spence finally gave an update about his knee. The news broke via twitter from Will Graves, an Associated Press writer.



Spence told the Associated Press that he can run, but will be taking it slow:

My plan is to make it back for the season,” said Spence. “I’m still preparing and attacking these OTAs like I’m going to play this year. I probably will take things slow, but I have trust in myself in doing what I know I can do. If I think I can go, I’ll go.

The brutal knee injury in the final preseason game of 2012 when chasing Panthers backup quarterback Jimmy Clausen, has not stopped the young linebacker from getting back to work. Spence suffured a torn ACL, LCL, and a dislocated knee cap in that single play that resulted in his 8 plus month recovery to getting back on the field.

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