Lebeau Tells Ike Taylor to Trust Your Abilities

If you are a cornerback such as Steelers’ Ike Taylor, and your defensive coordinator is a hall of fame player at your position, you listen. Not to mention Dick Lebeau played in 185 career games (171 consecutive) and has 62 career interceptions ranking him 7th all time in NFL history, along with three pro bowls. It is smart of Taylor to take advice from Lebeau’s wisdom.

Ike Taylor has just 14 career interceptions in his 10 years in the league, and has always struggled over the course of his career to intercept the ball. All of the Steelers cornerbacks have the same problem. If you read yesterday’s article, you know the Steelers are working on attacking the ball in OTA’s, and that Steelers’ cornerbacks have just 16 interceptions dating back to the 2009 season.

Taylor, with the help of the Steelers defensive backs, plans to change that. In his weekly show on Trib-Live Radio, Taylor said since his hairline fractured ankle he suffered last season that made him miss the remaining four games on the schedule, he has been training hard over the offseason on three things. His core, the stability in both of his ankles, and catching the football.

Taylor went on to say that after the last OTA session, coach Lebeau told Ike, “trust in your abilities.” When Lebeau said those words, Taylor said on the show, that if he trusts his abilities, he could be great instead of good.

What does trusting your abilities mean? “When you see it, go for it,” Said Taylor. “When you see a play, when you know a play, you’ve played 11 years, go for it. Go for that play.”

Taylor said on the show when he asked Lebeau what he thinks is wrong with Taylor’s hands, Leabeau told his cornerback: “There’s nothing wrong with your hands, you just need to trust in your abilities,” as Taylor chuckled while telling the story.

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