No Love For The Steelers Cornerbacks

In 1997, Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Rod Woodson played in his seventh pro bowl. That is the last time a Steelers cornerback has been named to a pro bowl. Yep, it’s been 15 years since the last time a Steelers sent a cornerback to the pro bowl.

Does this add up with a defense that has finished number one in defense the past two seasons and top 5 several times in the past decade? A defense that finished first in pass defense in 2012? How has Ike Taylor not made a pro bowl?

Since becoming a starting cornerback in 2005, Ike Taylor has become a one of the best shut down, underrated cornerbacks in the NFL. He has matched up against the league’s best wide receivers over the years and has either shut them down or came nearly close.

One thing holding down the cornerbacks is the lack of interceptions. Ike Talyor has just 14 in his 10-year career. William Gay has just three while being a Steeler. Keenan Lewis had one during his time in Pittsburgh. Perhaps the break through corner will be third year man, Cortez Allen.

In Allen’s short career of only three starts with the team, he has two interceptions. Both coming in week 16 against the Cincinnatti Bengals last year.

Steeler Nation, when I looked this up, I was thrown how a team that has been to three Super Bowls in the past decade has not sent one cornerback to the pro bowl in the past 15 years. Will Cortez Allen be a pro bowler now that he will be a starter? Comment below and tell us.

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