Steelers Setting Up A Plan?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have done a lot of activity in the past few weeks with little money to spend. Somehow, with the limited cap space the Steelers have, they managed to sign running back LaRod Stephens-Howling, offensive tackle Guy Whimper, and five of their nine draft choices. Plus the one year, $2.5 million contract the Steelers gave to wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders when he signed an offer sheet with the New England Patriots.

I think one of the most interesting topics for the Steelers right now that everyone seems to be skipping over, is what will the Steelers do with the $5.5 million they will receive on June 2nd from the Willie Colon terminated contract?

We know the Steelers will have to sign four more draft picks unless one is signed before June 2nd. Which I imagine taking less than half of that $5.5 million to get the remaining picks under contract for three to four years.

Emmanuel Sanders said on 93.7 the Fan that the two sides have been talking about a contract extension, however, an extension will not benefit the 2013 cap space. Sanders is guaranteed that $2.5 million even with an extension. The Steelers will be able to afford that once the dead money is lifted.

During training camp, the Steelers look into giving players extensions. In which other than Sanders, could potentially help the salary cap as far as saving money is concerned. Defensive tackle Steve McLendon was already given an extension, but that was more of a must for the Steelers to generate cap space.

Will the Steelers sign a couple free agents this summer? Former Cardinals wide receiver Steve Breaston is someone that continues to be linked up with the Steelers. Will the front office invest into another free agent?

Once June 2nd rolls around, the front office of the Steelers will be going at it again. They should have some money to play with. Who knows what general manager Kevin Colbert may have up his sleeve, but in my opinion the Steelers will get a free agent or two that could help the team. Max Starks will not be one of those guys now that he has signed with the San Diego Chargers.

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