Health Miller Talks Knee Progress

Heath Miller took time to tell reporters the progress his knee is making and by the sounds of things” it’s so far so good.”

Miller said he has worked with weights trying to get stronger and even has done some running. Miller also said Dr. Bradley has been pleased with all the check ups on the knee so far.

Miller said he has been able to do everything trainers have asked of him so far but this is a long process so its hard to put a date on when he will be ready but the goal is to come back 100%

So Steeler Nation its good news so far and it’s safe to say that Miller is cautiously optimistic about the knee as it stands today.

Here is the full video interview from

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One thought on “Health Miller Talks Knee Progress

  1. It is my opinion that Heath Miller is an exceptional football player as well as an exceptional human being , the Steelers need him on and off the field , please come back soon but not too soon , wait until you are 100%, get well soon Heath!

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