Emmanuel Sanders: The Contracts Will Come

After a day of practice on Tuesday, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders caught up with 93.7 the Fan on Wednesday to talk about his off-season. As we know, Sanders was given an offer sheet by the New England Patriots in April when he was a restricted free agent. The Steelers matched the offer, and Sanders will now stay in Pittsburgh through the 2013 season.

During the process with the Patriots, Sanders said: “I just sat back and was patient. I had the Pittsburgh Steelers, I had the New England Patriots, those are two great franchises, two great quarterbacks, and so I was in a good situation. So I just waited, I just continued to work hard, and just let the chips fall where they may.”

When the season ends, Sanders will become an unrestricted free agent. Making him free to hit the open market when the 2014 season begins. However, in Sanders’ eyes, that is a secondary concern right now.

“You guys keep talking about a contract,” Sanders said. “You guys won’t let the contract go, but you know, at the end of the day, I’m telling you that I’m honest when I say I’m not worried about a contract. The contracts will come.”

The 5’11” 180 pound receiver has started eight games in three seasons and has struggled with injuries. However, with the absence of Mike Wallace, Sanders will have his role increased dramatically. Being that this is a contract year for Sanders, he needs to have a consistent season and remain injury free if he wants a contract to his liking. 2013 will be Emmanuel Sanders’ biggest test.

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