Whaley Remembers His Days With The Steelers

Doug Whaley is a former member of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Scouting Department. In 2010, Whaley moved to Buffalo to be a part of the Bills’ front office. On Thursday, Whaley was named general manager of the Buffalo Bills.

Whaley, an upper St. Clair native, was part of the Super Bowl success on Kevin Colbert’s scouting team. When Bob Pompeani asked Whaley what he learn from his days with the Steelers, Whaley had this to say: 

“I think that the main thing I learned is it’s a full organizational effort. The organization has to be committed to accountability and hard work,” Whaley said.

Whaley went on to say:

“Anybody in this field is competitive, so you’ve got to take that competitive nature and harness it and realize that losing is unacceptable.”

Being in Buffalo has not stopped Whaley from being a Pittsburgh fan. He still holds season tickets for both the Penguins and Pirates. Whaley says coach Mike Tomlin is still trying to get his Pirates’ tickets off of him. Congratulations Doug!

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