Larry Foote Speaks Out About 2013 Expectations

Inside linebacker Larry Foote has never been scared of speaking out. In fact, the 12 year pro has always said what’s on his mind when he is given a question.

On Wednesday, Foote gave Josh Newkirk of a few minutes to talk about his thoughts on Michigan, Notre Dame dropping the rivalry, and his expectations in Pittsburgh next season.

Newkirk: “Lastly, what are your expectations for the Steelers? You guys didn’t make the playoffs last year. So what are you guys doing this off-season to get back to where you guys are normally—and that’s in playoffs?”

Foote: “We’re pissed off we didn’t make the playoffs. On top of that, our rival won the Super Bowl. I know guys are taking it personally. It’s just a whole different mindset to the off-season. I know guys are ready to get back where we need to be.”

Foote, signed a contract on March 12th for three years that will keep him in Pittsburgh through the 2015 season, has been on three Super Bowl trips with the Steelers in the past eight years. The veteran linebacker has racked up a career total of 697 tackles and is a spoken leader in the locker room.

Foote says that there is a whole new mindset this off-season with the Steelers. The team missed the playoffs last season after finishing 8-8, and lost in the first round of the playoffs the year before to the Denver Broncos. Making their last playoff win against the New York Jets in the 2010 AFC Championship.

On top of this, Foote mentions that the division rival, the Baltimore Ravens, are the defending Super Bowl Champions and that the team and players are taking that personally to get back where they need to be in 2013. Is this Steelers team more motivated than in years past?

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