Steel Links Of The Day: Post Draft Edition


The Steel Links Of The Day is a post that we will release every day to give Steelers’ fans the latest Steelers news daily. Click any of the stories below and they will take you to the story, video, or audio. Another reason to keep checking back into STEELERS N STUFF a few times a day. Please spread the word and follow us on Twitter for more updates!

Steelers First Round Pick: Jarvis Jones

Steelers Second Round Pick: Le’Veon Bell

Steelers Third Round Pick: Markus Wheaton

Steelers Fourth Round Picks: Shamarko Thomas & Landry Jones

Steelers Fifth Round Pick: Terry Hawthorne

Steelers Sixth Round Picks: Justin Brown & Vince Williams

Steelers Seventh Round Pick: Nick Williams + 15 UFA’s

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