The Stars will Be Out Tonight! NFL Draft

Steeler Nation its that time of year again. The NFL Draft has arrived and one thing is for sure the stars will be out tonight. The first round of the NFL draft begins tonight and every team will be trying to hitch it’s wagon to a star. Every player taken tonight is thought by it’s team to be the next big star, the next building block to a bright future.

In all my years of watching the draft after the pick is made a team representative is asked about the pick and every team is just gushing over their pick. For tonight these players are the key to the future, the best of the best in college football . Many of these players have been stars since pee wee football. The sad truth is tonight probably will be the last time that over half of them will be a star. The elite at their positions. Tonight is their night but many will never reach that level of success at the next level.

Every fan and team will be filled with hopes and expectations of this player being the next great one and that’s whats so great about this time of the year. Every team has thoughts that this player could be a difference maker. The final piece of the Super Bowl winning puzzle and who can argue. Tonight they are all stars. Only time will tell if they will continue to shine bright or burn out and fade into the night.

Steeler Nation its hard to say who the Steelers will pick this year its really up in the air.

Here is a look at some of the players the Steelers may draft in the first round as predicted by the Steelers N Stuff  staff writers:


Brandon Sweeney’s Top 3 Prospects to take if Available:

1. Safety Kenny Vaccaro, Texas; 2. Wide Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee; 3. Outside Linebacker Jarvis Jones, Georgia

Brandon’s Main Pick:

When day one is all wrapped up, I believe the Pittsburgh Steelers will select wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson from Tennessee. When I see Patterson, I see a lot of upside that I think the Steelers should not pass up on with their need at wide receiver. He is a true returner and a tough-nosed blocker. Route running however, is not his strongest suit. With the resigning of Emmanuel Sanders, he will not be asked to be a starter on day one nor do I expect him to be. Coach him up in year one and watch his potential become reality.

Steve Kimble’s  Top 3 Prospects to take if Available: 

1. Safety Kenny Vaccaro, Texas;  2.Wide Receiver Tavon Austin, West Virginia; 3. Wide Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee

 Steve’s Main Pick: 

I see the Steelers finally addressing their Safety depth problem and a player for Polamalu to eventually hand over his starting spot to. My pick is Safety Kenny Vaccaro, Texas. Vaccaro  is a physical, play maker with great instincts and explosive tackler . He also plays great special teams. I  think  the Steelers will try and trade back if that happens I think they go Wide Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee but I don’t believe  they will find someone to trade back with so they will stick at 17 and pick Safety Kenny Vaccaro.

OK Steeler Nation enjoy the draft! Thanks for visiting and please spread the word about the site. You can follow the site and me on twitter @STEELERSNSTUFF and Brandon Sweeney @NFLNSTUFF please check back for more Steeler draft info!

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