Thoughts on Kiper’s Final Decision On Steelers First Round Pick

Mel Kiper Jr. is a college football analyst for ESPN. Kiper has been covering the NFL Draft with the network for almost 30 years. Each year, Kiper gives in-depth information about prospects across the nation. Kiper was the first real analyst before the draft became what it is today. He and his colleague Todd McShay, give their mock drafts on who they feel each team will draft at the end of April. The 52 year-old Kiper was correct on 8 selections in his last year’s mock draft, which is quite impressive. However, I disagree with Kiper’s final decision on who the Pittsburgh Steelers will select Thursday Night.

Kiper Jr.’s final decision on the Steelers’ first round selection is Notre Dame’s tight end, Tyler Eiftert. Eifert is considered the top tight end in the class and projected to go anywhere from the middle of round one to the beginning of round two which will begin on Friday. Many draft-niks believe taking a tight end in round one of the draft is taboo. I believe you take the best available regardless the position. That’s why I feel that Eifert is not the selection at 17 on Thursday because he will not be the best availiable.

Tyler Eifert Statistics:

2012 50 685 13.7 38 4
2011 63 803 12.7 38 5
2010 27 352 13.0 39 2

Kiper’s comments on Eifert:

“Eifert has the speed to stretch the seam and also develop routes to the edges, and can’t be effectively covered by anybody. He’s too tall for corners and safeties, too fast for linebackers.”


My Analysis:

Tyler Eifert is the top tight end in this draft, but the Steelers should have other things to worry about on draft day. We can not forget the big needs at running back, wide receiver, safety, and even outside linebacker. With 30 year-old (31 on October 22nd) Heath Miller going down last year with a torn ACL in week sixteen, I can understand why Kiper thinks Eiftert will be a good selection for the Steelers. When Miller comes back, that could become a good duo between the two talented tight ends. To my understanding, Miller’s rehab is considered to be going great. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said on a radio show last week that he forgot to ask his tight end how his knee was doing when the two were in the training facility. Roethlisberger said he looked great. Now will Miller be 100% in training camp? That remains to be seen.

My selection for the Steelers has not been released as of yet but it will come shortly. I will say this. I do not consider Eifert to be in my top three players of interest for the Steelers at 17.

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One thought on “Thoughts on Kiper’s Final Decision On Steelers First Round Pick

  1. Great article haha, I think I’m inclined to agree with you 100%. Tonight is for the best moves, to get the best players. Steelers can do without the top tight end in round 1

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